Skateboard piloted by a shelf under Windows 8 and Kinect

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Since its marketing, the camera to motion detection Kinect took many prototypes to allow uses sometimes very original. At the time, it is the Chaotic Moon studio who used ingenuity with his concept called " Board of Awesomeness ", a skateboard which driver without using your feet clean propel.

The team of designers well used Kinect development kit, because it has adapted the camera in front of a skateboard, with a view to detect the movements of the user. These movements are then communicated to the electrical part of the gear, namely a 800 Watt engine powered by a 36 volt battery. Thus, the skateboard can reach a speed of 51 km/h, with the possibility to practice on land more rugged with appropriate tires.

Skateboard tablette + Kinect - 1 Skateboard tablette + Kinect - 2

Electric Skateboard piloted by a Tablet and Kinect (click to enlarge)

To pilot the whole, the Board is equipped with a still unpublished Samsung Tablet and running under the Windows 8 operating system. It allows to monitor the movements of the pilot, while providing GPS, accelerometer, and voice recognition services.

To accelerate the prototype, it is sufficient to slightly lift the hands, acceleration will be effective by placing them progressively forward. To stop, simply have your hands towards the rear. Course, all the criteria of security are still working, but the current project already seems relatively promising.



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