PC gaming: users seem to prefer AMD to Intel

The manufacturer AMD has made, there is little, a test to highlight the user experience of its processors on PC gaming.

To do this, two high and two so-called machines budgets were in hands of players. Completely identical in appearance, each range machines differed in fact at the level of the entire motherboard and processor. Persons participating in the tests were to simply engage in video games and then tell what machine they had preferred or then declare equal, without being aware of this difference.

In the case of high-end machines, the first housed a motherboard ASRock D67 Fatal1ty, an Intel Core i7-required processor and AMD Radeon HD 7970 video card, while the second getting into a card mother ASRock 990FX Fatal1ty, AMD FX-8150 processor and graphics AMD Radeon HD 7970. In the case of the cheaper machines, the first was based on a motherboard ASRock H61, processor Intel Core i3-2105 and a graphics solution Intel HD (that integrated), while the second used a card mother ASRock A55, a processor AMD A8-3850 and a graphic solution AMD Radeon HD (that integrated, there also).

To the surprise of the Sunnyvale giant, which was modestly on equality at the most, 73 votes were for the configuration integrating its processor, while 40 votes went to the machine do the competitor processor, in the case of machines top of range. And it is even more radical, with 173 votes for AMD and only 5 votes for Intel, in the case of the so-called budget machines.

A test which has the value to be well to grant, knowing that it is at the initiative of AMD and for the number limited participants. But there is no doubt that AMD will not miss to use in the future when it will be the promotion of its products.

AMD test
Configurations of high-end used in the test (click to enlarge)


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