SSD OCZ Octane: 1.13 firmware double performance

Available since last year, DSS Octane of manufacturer OCZ devices have relatively good, supported by a memory Everest Indilinx controller performance and memory flash NAND type engraved MLC to 20 nanometers.

OCZ has released firmware 1.13 which will allow the owners of a unit of the Octane range of double purely and simply performance in terms of reading and writing random.

Also, the 128 GB model moves 7 700 18, 000 IOPS, 256 GB milling jumps from 12 000 to 25 000 IOPS, and finally the 512 GB version will benefit from 26 000 IOPS against 16,000 previously.

OCZ Octane

Remember that this firmware update erases all the data contained in the DSS. Also, it will be necessary to perform a backup on another storage medium ensure the time of the operation.

Download the 1.13 in OCZ firmware


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