EBP my Association 2012: take accounting association

EBP Mon Association 2012 boite

The EBP my Association 2012 utility is a suite of two complete and high-performance software for the management of your association. They will support the management of your members, members, supporters, etc. but they will be especially useful to administer your recipes, your contributions, your expenses, etc.

With EBP my Association 2012, it will be possible to achieve your activity report, your accounting and your balance easy.

EBP Mon Association 2012 screen 1EBP Mon Association 2012 screen 2

The pack will therefore be:

• Monitoring the finance module of cash to centralize revenue, to enter expenses and transfer entries in EBP Compta.
• Centralization of all information relating to members: personal form, contributions, activities, règlements…
• Automatic printing of reminders of contributions and sending of e-mails to the laggards
• Holding of your association with any accounting.
• Visualization of the key figures of the association in a dashboard: balances bancaires… accounts


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