Selection of the best high-tech products of the week

For selection Hardware of this week, retained a compact original Alienware, a router signed Securifi touchscreen computer gamer and gamer mouse issue of collaboration between Thermaltake and BMW.

With the first, it takes advantage of a compact, elegant and fairly well equipped Tower. Damage that the choice of the graphic card is so limited and SSD storage is not in the program. It also regrets the high pricing.

With the second, it appreciates the possibility of setting without a computer, and the look and not very high prices. However, it would have liked enjoy a little more of wired ports.

With the third, the gamer will be served side features. Only condition however to take advantage: be right-handed. It is a pity, but she misunderstands the left-handed players.

Alienware X 51: computer gamer ultra compact

Price: from $ 699

Alienware X51
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The most:

LookLes dimensions compactesLa possibility of installation in the vertical as in the horizontaleLe choice between a processor Intel Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7Le hard disk of 1 TB to 7 200 RPM minuteLa possibility of reading Blu - ray

The less:

The choice limited regarding the graphics card, yet essential element for a DSS proposéLe price gamerPas

Securifi Almond: router touch screen

Securifi Almond - 1
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The most:

The lookLe setting without an ordinateurLa possibility of connection to 50 clientsLa scope of 25 metres for the sans-filLe not very high prices signal

The less:

Only two Gigabit Ethernet ports

Thermaltake Level 10 M: mouse gamer developed with BMW

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The most:

Antiperspirant design (with the small ventilation under the Palm of the hand) the wireline operation for a better réactivitéLa adjustable sensitivity to the voléeL' réglableLe weight adjustable thickness

The less:

The fact that it is reserved for right-handed


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