EBP pay Classic 2012: update your employees pay

The EBP pay Classic 2012 program is perfect for quickly editing your employees pay sheets, but will also be able to synthesize the social charges, the rollup of hours, retirement contributions or social security in a few moments. This software is parameterized on the type of business you run, to adapt to your needs.

EBP pay Classic 2012 proposes to create a card for each employee, on which you can follow the paid leave and illness judgments.

EBP Paye Classic 2012 screen 1EBP Paye Classic 2012 screen 2

The EBP pay Classic 2012 software is compatible with other accounting software as: EBP, ITOOL=ENTREZSYSTEM2.PENTREZ.PubMed.PUBMED_RESULTSPANEL.PUBMED_RVDOCSUM (Sisco and PGI), CEGID SAGE line 100, KOALA, CCMX (Winner and AS400), sky, QUADRATUS, ISAGRI, azure, CADOR-DORAC, APISOFT, score West, GESTIMUM, INFORCE.


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