Lifebook concept: not duplicates and not son

Prashant Chandra designer has presented its Lifebook concept, whereby it is possible to consult all its content (images, music, videos, etc.) from a single screen, without the need to duplicate the storage space occupied by these data on several devices and without the need for cables.

It is a laptop without the central part, which is the role of the digital shelf it can accommodate. The tablet will be at the same time office user interface, which may indeed serve to score and the seizure, with the virtual keyboard. Thus can be very easily use tablet computer use.

But this is not all, since this notebook also has sites dedicated for removable digital camera and a smartphone. Can thus be accessed data continuously, without duplication and wireless.

Some will finally see the possibility of transporting and reload up to three mobile devices at the same time (or even four, if there are the laptop).

Concept Lifebook 1  Concept Lifebook 2
The Lifebook concept in image (credit Yanko Design; click to enlarge)

Now see if the idea will be industry, at a time where our devices are often duplicates of and where the hybrid based on many devices.


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