Disk Cleanup

The disk cleanup utility is equipped with all Microsoft Operating Systems from at least the Windows 2000 Professional. You can find this utility located in All Programs in the Accessories folder. Then go to System Tools folder and select the Disk Cleanup. Once you double click on this utility it will start a scan of your system to see is active and then give you a basic list of the different system folders which it can cleanup but you must select which folders to empty. If you’re uncertain then you’re alright by selecting all of the folders especially if you hadn’t run this utility ever.
Note: Make sure before you run any of your cleaners to always backup any data that you might have for a just in case scenario of a system jam / failure but in most cases this scenario never really happens. But you do want to make sure to book mark / Favorite your history items because after you select everything on the disk cleanup it will empty your Internet Explorer history in the address bar. Best practice is to always make sure you keep your favorite locations saved in your Favorite (bookmarking) in the Internet Explorer.
After you had made your selection then run the utility and once it’s done it will automatically close itself. This utility doesn’t touch third party utility program folders such as another web browser’s history folders. If you’re using other web browsers then you can use the manual cleanup (I’ll discuss latter in another blog). You can also use third party disk cleanup utilities but be sure you understand what the utility will cleanup and which operating systems its intended to be used. Plus I highly recommend making sure you have a complete backup before you do any third party cleanup utilities due to some of their complexities might cause your system to not function correctly. In this blog I just want you to understand HOW TO USE YOUR SYSTEMS own tools which does a very basic and safe job. Most professional computer techs use various tools for different cleanup approaches and they understand how to use these tools. It’s not recommended for you to try some of those tools unless you understand the tools use and its consequences. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at support@pctech4u.org and any suggestions on how to use some of your systems basic utilities.
May you have fun computing. Thanks Erik for the helpful info. Congrats on your first blog post at Toolbox for IT! The Community looks forward to reading more from you.

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