End of the cut in the channel tunnel?

The Eurotunnel group team in antenna 2 G / 3 G to cover all of the channel tunnel.

Eurotunnel Eurostar

Before the launch of the London Olympic Games, the channel tunnel to team to give the opportunity to its travellers to contact their mobile.

Currently 20 millions of travelers find themselves with an inoperative mobile the 53 km of tunnel. Just before the start of the Olympic Games, the Eurotunnel group will install a complete coverage in 2 G and 3 G. To achieve this, the Group has made the choice to take a standard of Alcatel-Lucent, GSM - R and the GSM - P, currently used for signaling and communication on the trains and stations, and up to 500 km/h. Our mobile that only support the standard GSM without these domain féroviaire, the OEM-specific extensions will provide the bridge between the two standards and thus continuity of service in the tunnel, even at high speed.

An investment of 14 million euros in total, which included a four year warranty parts and labor with the OEM, should become a reality by the commissioning of the antennas at the beginning of July.


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