Sony Puts The Walkman Out To Pasture



Although early rumors stemming from a Microsoft Netherlands press release surfacing in mid-October
point toward a Windows 8 release in 2012, Microsoft has plenty to celebrateright now with Windows 7.
According to an Oct. 21 release fromMicrosoft commemorating Windows 7’s first birthday, Microsoft has sold 240 million-plus copies of Windows 7 in the OS’ first year. Reportedly, 65 million sales came in the last 90 days. Microsoft claims Windows 7 has secured more than 17% of the global OS market in less than a year and touts that 1.2 billion PCs globally run a Windows OS. Further, Microsoft says 93% of new consumer PCs run Windows 7 and also points to a 94% customer satisfaction rating (provided by Lifehacker). Business-wise, Microsoft says 90% of companies have already moved or are starting to move to Windows 7.


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