Enermax MODU87 + (600W)

Enermax's new line of desktop PSUs indudes the natively cabled PROB7+ and the modular MODUB7+ series, both of which are available in 500-, 600-, and 700-watt models. In this review, we looked at the 600W MODUB7+. The MODUB7+ has an attractive gold and black casing with a prominent 140mm Twister-bearing fan covering the rop. The integrated SpeedGuard &n control ranges from 330 to 1,000rpm ro ensure the perfect balance between cool­ing and quiet operation, while HearGuard keeps your PSU's

fan running for up to a minute after shur­down to expend excess heat. One of the MODUB7+'s most notable features is its ability to run at B7 to 92% efficiency at almost any load, thanks to Enerrnax's new DHT (Dynamic Hybrid Transformer) technology, which uses dynamic, rather than static, frequencies, voltages, and conversions. For our tests, we built our MODUB7+ PSU into our PSU torture chamber the sysrem listed in the Test System Specs section. To Stress our system, we simul­taneously ran four instances of Prime95, looped 3DMark06, and played an audio CD on repeat, all continuously for about three hours.


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