ViewSonic Seeks Your PMP Biz


We'll reserve judgment on ViewSonic's upcoming MovieBook VPD550T until it's officially released this spring, but if it flJ­fills its promise, we'll certainly throw an "attaboy" ViewSonic's way--especially considering the 8GB, 5-inch touchscreen (800 x 400) MovieBook will COSt JUSt $199.99 and include HDMI output at up to l080p. Throw in an impressive array of NV format sUppOrt (reportedly covering MPEG-4, VOB, AVI, DVD Video, MKV, W1vIV, MP3, W1v[A, AAC, OGG, DTS, and others), voice recording, microSD slot, and calendar/clock, and we're talking potential here. Also look for 8GB 5-inch VPD513T ($189.99; nOp) and 4GB 4.3-inch VPD403 ($149.99; 480p) versions .


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