SpeakerCom 360



We're all for hardware mat takes an outside-the-box approach. Wim mat in mind, meet ykos SpeakerCom 360 ($19.99), a mic/earbud combo for the Xbox 360 mat also integrates a speakerphone so everyone in proximiry can hear yom online opponent's angst. Technocel's upcoming Ear Vibe ($29.99), meanwhile, is hailed as "the first stereo headset [hat vibrates to the beat of your music." Whemer the ability to "literally vibrate when your tunes hit the low frequency bass" equals "the ultimate music listening

accessory" is up to you. Finally, beyond announcing that it's developing the Onza Professional Gaming Controller ($49.99) with mappable multifunction Hyperesponse buttons for faster, crisper Xbox 360 anion, Razer is working with Sixense Entertainment to develop a "revolutionary true-to­life, next-generation motion sensing and gesture recognition controller for PC gaming." The companies,

along with Valve, demoed the controller in January using Left 4 Dead 2. Razer President Robert Krakoff stated the end result will "fill me gap between consoles and PCs in terms of human interface devices


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