Gigabyte Aivia K8100


Gamers demand much from a baby grand: Appropriate fundamental sensitivity, a usable macro competence, and the knack to press multiple keys next to after, in support of illustration. The K8100 delivers all of these and adds an desirable housing plus several further skin tone. All keys are not bent equal, and the K8100’s designers important the information with the purpose of a number of keys persuade more—and harder— employment than others. The K8100’s keys are
Alienated into force regions, with a number of keys (Spacebar, W, A, S, D, and so on.) requiring more pressure (70 grams) than with a reduction of recurrently used keys with the purpose of as an alternative require simply 50 or 60 grams. It’s challenging to tell the
Difference in pressure with no engaging in a number of genuinely long-term gaming, but the fundamental skirmish itself is admirable. The baby grand skin tone a 20-key antighosting star: Up to 20 keys can be hard-pressed all together.  The K8100 is a programmable gold mine, with skin tone to cheer up the hearts
Of serious macro users. With five macro buttons open in apiece of five modes (and with other sets with the purpose of can be loaded via Gigabyte’s Ghost Macro Engine software in support of a add up of 100 macros), in attendance are a sufficient amount options now to allow gamers to agree up development interactions and still dedicate a a small amount of keys as media buttons. The K8100’s onboard recall process with the purpose of you can with no trouble switch technology, haulage your
Macros with you. The K8100 offers a a small amount of more skin tone with the purpose of gamers will escalate: Rubberized

Replacement WASD keys and switchable LED backlit keys, in support of illustration. Even nongamers will like the keyboard’s powerful construction, routable braided cable with gold connectors, and silicone defending
Fundamental spread over the surface. Gigabyte’s statement into the gaming baby grand bazaar is a solid contender, comparing kindly with other keyboards in—and beyond—its outlay range: It provides everything you need in support of both gaming and non-gaming employment, and very little with the purpose of you don’t


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