Nvidia GeForce GTX 580


“With this strikingly quiet-running License, Nvidia extremely trounces AMD’s top-end single-GPU graphics license And even comes close to dethroning the Dual-GPU Radeon HD 5970.” We might Own held to facilitate six months previously if Nvidia had Released Fermi as it at this time exists in the Disguise of the GeForce GTX 580. Instead, the GF100 in the flagship of the 400 cycle was Stormy, noisy, and ran on solitary SM shy of a chock-full Deck. The GF110 inside the GTX 580 is a Tweaked GF100 exclusive of the crutches, but Having held to facilitate, this license shows Fermi next to its Chock-full latent.

How New Is This GPU?
The GF110 ships with all after everything else solitary Of its 16 SMs enabled, which gives it 512 CUDA cores, 64 quality units, and the same ROP count as the GTX 480 (48). Nvidia Furthermore took a quantity of of the tweaks to facilitate made the GTX 460 such a winner and useful them To the GF110, as well as improved FP16 Quality filtering, which lets the GPU filter Twice the total of FP16 pixels for every control
As the GF100. The GF110 furthermore skin tone a Modern Z-culling/rejection engine designed to
Further rendering in games. The GF100’s Leaky transistors own been adequately Caulked, follow-on in a 244W TDP (the GTX 480 has a 250W TDP) even despite a 10% Boost in fundamental control (to 772MHz) and an 8% Boost in recall control (to 1,002MHz). The Recall subsystem is the same 384-bit means of transportation With 1.5GB of GDDR5.

Much Quieter & Less Hot

Nvidia seems to own effectively fixed Fermi next to the fail level, but the changes Don’t interrupt at hand. The GTX 580 ships with A significantly improved vapor chamberbased Cooler. It factory by evaporating Liquid from the stormy floor of the blocked Chamber wherever it touches the GPU And allowing the vapor to condense on The ceiling of the Chamber. The transferred Intensity followed by disperses Via the more Traditional heatsink and Fan combo. Thanks to the Highly efficient cooler, the GTX 580 is furthermore Significantly quieter than the GTX 480.
The information
Against an overclocked GTX 480 from Gigabyte, the GTX 580 was amid 1% and 6% quicker in our game tests, But it yielded a 12% return in 3DMark. That’s an adequate amount to collapse the GTX 580 the
Single-GPU crown, but remember, it takes To facilitate trophy from the lackluster GTX 480. The GTX 580 is still a very stormy graphics License; Gigabyte’s overclocked vapor chamberequipped GTX 480 outperforms Nvidia’s Stab next to the knowledge. It remains to be seen Whether Nvidia’s up-to-the-minute license can stave sour a Challenge from AMD’s accommodating 6970. Our advice, linger and distinguish.


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