OCZ has been crafty innovative Offerings with cutting-edge SSD Technologies designed for particular period at present, and as of Behind schedule, the company has really been pushing The envelope. With the IBIS drive, OCZ has In fact pioneered a inexperienced SSD interface.OCZ’s HSDL (High-Speed Data Link) Interface makes exercise of optimized PCI-Ebased Relations with an x8 connection terminated a
Standard SAS connector. The solution uses a Small half-height PCI-E license with the intention of plugs into Every x4 slot. OCZ bundles a PCI-E x4 license And an HSDL cable in with the drive.
The IBIS drive we tested is a 240GB Variant, though sizes up to 960GB are Untaken. The drives happen enclosed in 3.5 Creep metal casings, so they slide fine in to Heritage remorselessly drive racks, as well.The drive itself Sports a complete of Four SandForce SSD Controllers, with Other control logic chips,
In a RAID 0 configuration.
The SandForce controllers not merely Hand out up killer performance but as well Keep the drive responding with the intention of way, With SandForce’s first-rate garbage Collection algorithm.
The IBIS drive without doubt runs By the side of a premium terminated standard SSDs, But if you’re hell-bent designed for particular of The fastest hard disk throughput on the Promote in the present day, the IBIS delivers.


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