Silverstone FT02




Silverstone has been making first-class PC enclosures since the company was founded back in 2003, and the FT02 is no exception. Borrowing an interesting design element from Silverstone’s unique Raven
RV01, the Silverstone FT02 is the only case in the roundup to feature a 90-degree motherboard mounting design that literally turns the internals of a system on its side. With the FT02, the motherboard mounts to the chassis in such a way that its I/O panel sits at the top of the case, where cables can be connected and hidden by a panel along the top. Assembling a system inside the FT02 can seem a little weird at first, but there’s really nothing too unusual to consider once the mobo is mounted.
The Silverstone FT02 has very clean lines, with curved corners that are easy on the eyes. Build quality and attention to detail are excellent. The case even has sound-dampening material on its side panels to minimize vibration noise. At $239, the FT02 is one of the more expensive offerings in the group, but this case is worth the investment. It’s relatively quiet, performs well, and looks great.


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