Panasonic’s Powerful Fixed-Lens Camera



IF you are next to edge using guide controls pro photos and videotape, you’ll love pana sonic’s 10 megapixel Lumix dMC LX5 ($500). Equipped with a greater (1/1.63 inch) CCd sensor and an F2.0 ultra varied slant zoom lens (3.8X optical zoom, 24mm to 95mm), this statement and film camera is a versatile player formerly you dive into its far ahead controls.

Fe LX5 ofiers guide controls pro both stills and videotape, raW shooting, a macro mode to lets you
Just about meet the lens to your area of interest, fast and Tne tunable focus controls, and a button landscape with relaxed access to in camera settings. On the back is a 3 edge LCd screen pro framing your shots, but refusal optical prospect Tnder. A proprietary emotional shoe connection lets you link up an eye level electronic prospect
Tnder that’s compatible with panasonic’s G succession compatible lens cameras.
For unsullied guide act, it’s intensely to Tnd a Txed lens camera to tops the Lumix LX5. Its Tne tunable
Settings, macro mode, focus skin tone, videotape options, low light performance, and classic aesthetics are by all means to get photography geeks freak (in a very pleasant way).
Fis is a elevated step up camera pro a person who feels shackled by automated settings as well as a elevated on the stretch camera pro a person accustomed to a dsLr.


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