Rosewill Armor


Despite being one of the more affordable cases in this roundup, the Rosewill Armor is fully loaded and actually packs an uncommon feature found in one other case in this roundup.
The Armor is a midtower design, with roughly 80% of its panels made from a metal mesh that allows for easy airflow into the case. Its lighted, red cooling fans, including a large 200mm side-panel fan, are relatively quiet, and the Armor is a mostly tool-less design, which makes for quick and easy assembly. The motherboard tray isn’t removable, but it does have an 80mm fan mounted within the tray itself, which circulates air behind the motherboard. The fan’s position is roughly behind the CPU socket area on most standard ATX motherboards. This is a nice feature that should help keep CPU temperatures down.
Aesthetically, the Rosewill Armor has a little bit of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde going on (which isn’t a bad thing here). With its lighting turned off, the Armor looks somewhat conservative, with clean lines and an
all-black exterior. Turn on the lighting, though, and the case is certainly an attention grabber.


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