Memory Viper Xtreme 4GB (PX534G2000ELK)


The highest attraction of Patriot Memory’s Recently released line of Viper Xtreme Remembrance kits is its further heatsink design. The further Viper Extreme kits undergo much Heavier and thicker aluminum heatsinks, Multipart with copper reheat plates with the aim of introduce Wavy fins along the top. The put an end to consequence is A better-performing heatsink that’s able to More quickly absorb and dissipate reheat. Patriot’s Viper Xtreme DDR3 kits Are to be had in capacities ranging from 4GB to 12GB, with rated frequencies of 1,600MHz or 2,000MHz. The kit I tested, Mold PX534G2000ELK, boasts a 4GB Facility (2x 2GB, dual channel) with a rated Swiftness of 2,000MHz. It besides ropes XMP profiles used for at ease

Configuration on compatible motherboards And latencies of 9-10-9-27 by the side of 1.65V. Performance of the Patriot kit was Quite worthy. According to SiSoft Sandra, Bandwidth hovered around the 20.5GBps
Mark, which is important used for a dual-channel kit. A low-res Crysis yardstick yielded frame Charge perfectly north of 211fps.
Because the highest introduce of this further Remembrance is its heatsink design, I besides checked
Temperatures under various conditions and Came away impressed. When running by the side of a Chock-full 2,000MHz, with rebuff other cooling,

The hotness of the most modern part of the Remembrance peaked by the side of solitary 48.5 degrees Celsius Under a sustained load, which was perfectly melt To the bit. With an on the go remembrance cooler In place, temps peaked by the side of solitary 33.1 C. The Floor line: This remembrance runs cool.
At a little above $150 used for a 4GB kit, Patriot’s Viper Xtreme Series remembrance isn’t Stingy, but it is worth the further investment If you’re in the marketplace used for a high-quality Remembrance kit.


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