Apple updates its MacBook white, happening to 999 euros

A few days apr?s its sp?cifications have made public ?t? by the interm?diaire of a Vietnamese site, the new version of the entr?e range of Apple MacBook is propos?e ? the sale through its online store. This new configuration menu, there by d?faut a Core 2 Duo cadenc? ? 2.4 GHz processor, 2 GB m?moire RAM, a 250 GB HDD and the intgration of the GeForce 320 M of NVIDIA chipset (accompagn? 256 MB m?moire d?di?e ? the graphical part), just replace the GeForce 9400 propos? far.
With th?orique autonomy that rises d?sormais ? 10 hours according to the manufacturer, the white MacBook saw its price rise by 100 euros, reaching 999 euros, likely due to the effects of Exchange d?favorables ? the euro since the United States, the rate remains inchang? ? 999 $.
What about this repositioning? If the am?lioration of performance, including the level of the graphic part is welcome, this new MacBook r?duit the ?cart with the first mod?le of the MacBook Pro 13 inch range, for 150 euro more, offering the aluminum unibody design and m?moire 4 GB RAM, and a location for maps m?moire. By adding that it takes 90 euros for 2 ? 4 GB of m?moire, the ?cart between the two machines is more to 60 euros.
MacBook blanc mai 2009
The int?r?t of the white MacBook seems so all matter, apart from is ?tre for allergic ? ? ? s?rie Pro alu finishing. Unless it is that the pr?lude to the future repositioning of the other r?f?rences of the mark?
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