Microsoft Arc Touch


The Arc Touch Mouse is a fully functional fashion statement for traveling professionals. There are no side buttons because, more or less, there are no sides. When flat, the mouse measures 5.14 inches long, 2.3 inches wide, and just over half an inch at its thickest depth. This flat bar bows up into an arc designed to conform to the inside of your hand. The BlueTrack sensing technology works flawlessly on practically every surface, even our glossy, black granite countertop. To someone with largish hands, the Arc Touch feels small, although definitely not as small as many other travel mice. We found that we had to concentrate on not letting our hands slip too far back, otherwise it took more pressure than usual to
depress the buttons with our fingertips. Between the two buttons is a little strip that emulates a traditional scroll wheel. Sliding your middle finger along it elicits little haptic feedback vibrations. Flicking the bar

quickly yields very rapid scrolling—handy for long documents or Web pages. Install Microsoft’s free Intellitouch software, and tapping the strip will be able to execute page up, page down, and a custom function. Our overall impression was that a bit of practice made the strip every bit as usable as a conventional wheel. Other admirable points: There is no power button. Once you have two AAA batteries in place, the mouse is on when flexed and off when flat. Although you can download additional software for the Arc Touch from Microsoft, our unit worked without issue under Windows 7 just by plugging in the wireless dongle, which sticks to a magnet in the mouse’s belly when not in use. Also, being symmetrical,
the mouse is great for left-handers. Once we dialed down the mouse’s sensitivity slightly in Windows, we found the Arc Touch accurate, stylish, convenient, and our new favorite travel mouse for general use.


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