Panasonic AG-AF101


Exotic tech exorbitantly priced—that’s our manna here in dreamland. Ever and anon, however, there’s a populist innovation we can’t help but celebrate. This new HD flash camcorder could make a lot of indie filmmakers very, very smiley. The AGAF101 ( blends pro cam features such as HD-SDI output and timecode stamping with DSLR perks such as a low price (about $6,400)
and micro Four Thirds interchangeable lenses. Auteurs on a budget will be able to capture cinematic-
looking footage, Panasonic says, such as wide-angle, 1080p/24fps shots with a shallow depth of field. Its 16:9, Four Thirds MOS imaging sensor is said to be the key to that elusive (at this price point) 35mm look. The purpose-built cam should be on the market for the holidays.


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