Patriot Inferno 120GB

Any power user contemplating an SSD upgrade should be familiar with SandForce by now. The company makes the controllers at the heart of many of today’s most sought-after SSDs, such as the Patriot    nferno 120GB. Like other SandForce SF-1222-based SSDs, the Inferno 120GB is rated for 285MBps and 275MBps maximum sequential reads and writes, respectively. The Inferno offers only 119GB of available
storage space when formatted, despite having 128GB of MLC NAND flash memory. The spare flash
memory is used for bad block management, wear leveling, garbage collection, and other proprietary SandForce features. Throughout testing, the Patriot Inferno 120GB proved to be an excellent performer. In the SiSoft Sandra 2010 physical disk benchmark, the drive managed 256.4MBps reads and 192MBps
writes, respectively, which is among the best we’ve seen from a 3Gbps SATA SSD.

The Inferno’s performance in HDTach was similarly very good. In PCMark Vantage’s HDD benchmark, although the Inferno continued to perform well, it was ever so slightly outpaced by OCZ’s and Corsair’s competitive offerings we’ve tested in the past. Ultimately, the Patriot Inferno 120GBis yet another excellent SandForce-based SSD. If you’re in the market for a new SSD, do yourself a favor and give it a serious look .

by Marco Chiappetta


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