Coup de filet on a network of bank card fraud

The FBI and authorities around the world conducted the arrest of 24 suspects in a network of bank card fraud.

bank_card_visaAfter two years of investigation, the FBI agents posing as pirates have analyzed how real pirates are to retrieve credit card numbers and to share then. According to Reuters, this network of credit card traffic generates almost 205 million dollars in damages with not less than 411 000 numbers exchanged on specialized forums.

It is the largest ever made to date in this area, successful NET through the coordination of all of the authorities of the world. Eleven suspects have been arrested in the United States and thirteen other divided between Britain and the Japan. The investigations also to better understand the flaws of the system and the conclusions have been provided to the institutions that are better able to protect themselves in the future. For now, the official release does, neither banks nor credit card providers, who have been affected.

The method used to obtain the identity of the criminal is not in the habits of the authorities since they opened a forum in June 2010 under the banner "Carder Profit" is traded stolen credit card numbers. Last may, the forum was cut and the identities of offenders have been identified for the latest stop.


The 24 arrested suspects are ages 18 to 25 and can receive 1,000,0000 a sentence up to 40 years in prison. Two of them, arrested in New York, are also already passed before a judge in Manhattan and were released on bail to $ 50,000 one, and $ 20,000 the other. We now look to learn more about the societies affected by these vulnerabilities.


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