Kevin Mitnick soutient Kim Dotcom

Via a tweet Kevin Mitnik announces its support to Kim Dotcom. A foot of nose to U.S. authorities.

After Steve Wozniak, it is the turn of one of the greatest hackers to support Kim Dotcom. For the record, Kevin Mitnik is recognized worldwide for its facts and harm in the 1980s. Continued for two years by the US authorities and extradited to the United States in 1995, he was detained five years. Today, he is consultant and expert in computer security and gives lectures on the subject.


Kevin Mitnik today. Mine nothing, it goes on its 50 brooms...

Kim Dotcom is still in New Zealand waiting for his extradition to the United States following the closure of its download MegaUpload online portal. A tweet Kevin Mitnik indicates his support to the Manager of MegaUpload with for content: "I hope that you 'll" by adding a link to a YouTube video "I Won't Back Down" we could result in "I not reculerai".

A first wave of support for Kim Dotcom that is will soon follow by a petition widespread on the Internet? The US authorities will soon be facing.


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