Tiki : mini format, maxi puissance...

Integrating the possible the most powerful PC in the smallest chassis possible, such is the aim set Falcon NW with the Tiki...

The manufacturer of PC Falcon Northwest Announces the Tiki oriented computer game that proved to be integrated in a package format "micro Tower". The challenge? To return a configuration-based GeForce GTX 680, Intel Ivy Bridge Core I7 processors, 16 GB RAM, 4TB of storage and cooling liquid in a chassis that measures a hair more than 10 cm wide and 33 cm high... or roughly the size of a game console.

For Kelt Reeves, president of Falcon Northwest, the Tiki "represents the progress made by the PC industry in recent years". "Processors and graphics cards have made a massive leap in performance and efficiency." SSDS are accessible, and the miniaturization of motherboards is a fact. It wants to say that your PC is probably much larger than necessary. "With the Tiki, we responded to the issues of noise and the heater in uncompromised" he said. No doubt, this is a CEO who can sell his products...

Falcon Northwest Tiki (3) Falcon Northwest Tiki (4) Falcon Northwest Tiki (1) Falcon Northwest Tiki (5)

What is correct by discovering the Tiki, first is that it is - to our knowledge - of the first PC comes with a 2.7 Kg granite block (Yes, Yes, the stone!) that serves as its base. The kind of details that appeal to NVIDIA, partner of Falcon Northwest. Evidenced by the statements of Ujesh Desai, Vice President, marketing at NVIDIA who said: "This is super to work with partners such as Falcon, who can take our Kepler GeForce and integrate with PC as seductive as the Tiki." "I can't wait, I want a Tiki on my Office".

Falcon Northwest Tiki (6)

The Tiki is already available. Assembled on command, these computers will begin to be delivered at the beginning of July. Prices start at approximately $ 1900 for a "basic" configuration and rising up to $ 5000 with custom paint and configuration very top-of-range. The price of the "Godlike Power – Micro Tower", slogan chosen by the brand for the Tiki.

> Configure a Tiki in Falcon Northwest


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