MSI is the Atom to his mother mini-ITX

Of mini-ITX with Intel Atom and full output video, MSI offers a motherboard for HTPC or industrialists who wish to manage multiple control screens.

MSI presents its new motherboard format mini-ITX, which has the particularity to be equipped with a processor Intel Atom after MS-9893, this motherboard offers many output video, including two ports directly accessible to the rear as the VGA port and HDMI port, but offers also a third type video output LVDS 18 and 24 bit to connect a compatible screen directly on the pins on the motherboard.

The SO-DIMM format, MS-9893 supports only a single bar for a maximum of 4 GB DDR3-1066 memory. -Side processor, it will be possible to choose between an Intel Atom D2550 engraved in 32 nm developing 10 Watts TDP for two hearts and four processing threads supporting 64 bit for a 1.86 GHz operating frequency. This processor manages directly the LVDS 24 bit then that second processor available for this motherboard supports only the 18 bit and is other than the Intel Atom legal. Running at the same speed with the same number of processing cores with the same fineness of engraving, but with a lower TDP to 6.5 Watts.


Present on the two connectors declinations are quite numerous because there are two RS232 ports to the rear and four other via pin on the map, four USB 2.0 on the back panel ports and two internal, GPI four ports and four other GPO, a conventional PCI and a mini port PCI-Express to accommodate an mSATA map or a map of Wi-Fi for example extension. For the moment, neither the price nor the date of marketing not specified...


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