Firefox is in version Windows 8 Metro

Mozilla developed, from the code of Fennec, a version of Firefox for the Metro of Windows 8 interface.

The Mozilla Foundation has undertaken the development of a version of its Firefox browser optimized for the Metro of Windows 8 interface, while on the Consumer Preview of the new Microsoft OS, launch Firefox comes down to open the Office and the classic version of the browser. Indeed, to surf in remaining in the Metro interface, there is currently no alternative to Internet Explorer... Learn that Mozilla is on the move with Firefox (as Google is with Chrome) is good news.

Firefox Windows 8 Metro (1)

Following the implementation of this work, Brian r. Bondy was able to unveil a prototype of the application Firefox for Windows 8. The Manager explained that the appearance and ergonomics of navigation are similar to what are users of Firefox for Android browser. All the main functions are present, the Web navigation tabs to the creation of a directory of favorites, etc. It is therefore on the code of Fennec (Firefox mobile version) that relies this development whose goal is first and foremost adapt Firefox to the Metro interface, thought for touch devices.

Firefox Windows 8 Metro (2) Firefox Windows 8 Metro (3) Firefox Windows 8 Metro (4)

The developer announced that there are still things to correct at the level of the interface and design, and that many elements remain integrated into the platform. After this a little more advanced prototype, Mozilla will begin to test this Firefox for Windows 8 to beta testers, and collect their opinions to improve this version. Mozilla believes that it is very important to offer a Windows 8 Metro of Firefox version for obvious competitive reasons. However, for a similar experience as complete than it is today with Firefox under Windows on a traditional PC, need still to go through the software in its basic version, and therefore by the Office.


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