The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S III already in production?

Samsung Mobile Display has launched the production of screens using the Super AMOLED Plus HD technology that equip the Galaxy S III.

The Display of the Korean Samsung Mobile division has launched the mass production of screens technology Super AMOLED Plus HD and type "non-PenTile" that could equip a certain Galaxy S III.

A reminder, the screens fitted the Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus were of type Super AMOLED HD PenTile, that they used a slightly different technology at the subpixel level, without returning to the sharp technical details, are of lesser density thus giving a less fine and precise image with colors to relatively less flattering rendering for the retina.


The new screens in production will therefore benefit from an excellent display quality, size would be "4.65 and the density of pixels would reach the 316 ppi (pixels per inch) as the Super LCD 2 of the recent HTC One X screen (against 326 on the 4 and 4 S Apple iPhone and on the Sony Xperia S 342).

Competition is tough and the output of the Galaxy S III said. According to The Verge, Samsung said the Korean daily Asia that its future Android terminal is currently testing various Korean operators. This phase, usually for a period of two months, could be shortened by Samsung who wishes to bring to market its Galaxy S III more quickly. But terminal shipping of multiple recent technologies such as LTE (4 G), a processor connectivity quad core and a new screen model, the challenge is full-bodied. It would be a pity to leave a smartphone also advanced with bugs fixed and other technical problems.


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