Samsung produces fast ultra MicroSD cards

The Korean firm Samsung has launched the mass production of memory cards format microSD UHS - 1 ultra fast.

Samsung announced yesterday have launched the production of UHS-1 (Ultra High Speed-1) microSD memory cards offering high-speed access times. With a capacity of 16 GB, this new type of microSD is capable, according to tests carried out internally by Samsung, read data at speeds of up to 80 MB per second, or four times faster on average than the maps currently available microSD operating to 21 MB per second. However, no data on the write speed was provided, but hope that they also be very swift.


This new type of cards microSD UHS-1 is intended for new smartphones and tablets compatible with LTE networks / 4 G, with flows compounded the marketplace, will need memory to the access time to enjoy to the maximum available bandwidth, high-speed allowing read HD videos or play HD games, and this without unpleasant slowdowns.

This microSD is only available in version 16 GB initially at a rate and a commercialization date not specified. Samsung will be extended next year capacity cards.


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