Phanteks out a new top-flow Heatpipe

A good well with heatpipe sandwich is on the menu for this new Phanteks PH-TC14CS.


Phanteks extends its "top flow" range with a whole new heatpipe CPU. Called PH-TC14CS, may settle on all sockets of the market ranging from LGA 775 for Intel LGA, 2011 and the the FM1 for AMD AM2/3. Sandwiched by two 140 mm fans, the radiator lose the heat emitted by the processor taking the five heat-pipes of 8 mm copper coated with nickel. Ventilation is provided at the speed of 1300 t/m for an 88.6 CFM air flow created at this speed, according to the manufacturer.

If it is not necessary to trigger a storm in its housing, Phanteks thought to provide a PWM adapter in the pack. It allows both fans turn at speed reduced from 700 t/m with an air flow of 45.1 CFM up to 1200 t/m for 78.1 CFM. On noise generated by nine each fan blades, it is indicated that without the adapter, the heatpipe will produce only 19.6 dBA fully loaded, and 13.4 dBA at low speed (19 dBA to 1200 t/m) with the adapter.

Phantek_PH-TC14CS_Ventirad_004                      Phantek_PH-TC14CS_Ventirad_003

Weighing 900 grams, fans included, it measures 160 x 151 x 140,5 mm. He is accompanied by all the usual accessories such as Intel, a tube of thermal paste backplate adapter, connector double for two fans on a single motherboard port in Y and a few bands and anti-vibration for the installation of the two fans on the radiator. In white, it will be available in stores at a price of €69.90. Black, red, or blue, should pay €74.90. The color, it has no price.


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