Test : Ozone Onda 3HX

With the Onda 3HX, Ozone signs a gamer headset password everywhere which was missing little to office of must - have a range of affordable price, less than €60.

Ozone Onda 3HX

Ozone Onda 3HX

Removable micro
Connector complete

Lack a little bass
Medium bushings

Ozone offers a new headset called Onda 3HX since the beginning of the year. Specialist equipment for players, Ozone started in mind to propose at an accessible price headphones able to accompany the sessions of game on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, but that is as versatile and capable of ensuring a pleasant sound restitution for music listening and viewing of films.

With its branches matte plastic and its well padded headband, Onda 3HX leaves a good impression. A twisting, plastics do not crack and flexibility is required. To improve the aesthetics of this headset, Ozone was thought to integrate its logo on the outside part of the headphones, behind a metal grid. It is illuminated when the helmet is supplied (and therefore connected in USB). However, the atria are covered by pads in finely MDF tissue, which is not as comfortable as the towers of ear in imitation leather or soft tissues. Is that on the head, the helmet - rather light, 275 grams - is forgotten.

After a long braided cable (3 m), two connectors. One USB and one in Jack 3.5 mm, while in the box of the helmet are also provided an extension Jack and RCA connectors to Jack. A priori, everyone will be able connecting the Onda 3HX its equipment. Note that the microphone is not shrink but squarely removable, and it is sufficient therefore the clip in the Atrium left when is to be used, and stowed the rest time. After the small tests to use in noisy environment means still in a quite manner surrounding noise (it is omnidirectional type, but with little effective reduction of ambient noise), the voice remaining quite clear, which is the main. Good point, it does not produce annoying blast.

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On cable, the remote control is located approximately 40 cm from the left ear, falling a little low. But a clip will help keep it in place on a garment for example. Stylized in the colours of the mark, the remote control offers a minimum, namely a button on / off for the microphone, sound volume control wheel and switch between PC and Game modes. Remote control a little large for what it offers, which would have earned to be finer and better position.

Ozone Onda 3HX (8).JPG40 Mm transducers are, them, placed behind the structure the helmet, which displays pretty classic features plastic (20 Hz to 20 KHz, impedance 32 Ohms, sensitivity 117 dB). Circum-aural type, this helmet isolating that very few environmental noise, and low volume, we continue to hear the clatter of the keyboard of our neighbor to Office.

Therefore, mount the volume in noisy environment to isolate themselves in listening. Generally, "gamers" typed helmets offer a sound too round, too low. Here, it is less the case, the balance found base is a little more subtle. Players who enjoy the explosions ronflent really will get a ride in the equalizer, while in most cases, basic offered sound rendering shows rather compelling stake.

However, in uses music and film, are you advised really play equalizer. Not only to improve the balance in acute and medium, high-volume, jump to the eardrums, or a slight lack of bass for the urban music or Jazz. By closing the eyes, one senses a lack of nuance and precision, making difficult the perception of difference between a same piece in MP3 256 Kbps and FLAC. On film, even finding. Especially for the blockbusters, do not hesitate to lower frequencies. Otherwise, the votes stand out well enough, clear and spare.

This is a simple stereo headset, basic design, but he knows to be more fun to listen to than what was expected. A powerful sound volume is good news, even if the neighbors will undoubtedly remind you that they then listen to your music with you. In any case, we have not succeeded to saturate the helmet, same in the stressful a bit by playing with the generator of frequency above listening to a piece.

Ozone Onda 3HX (2).JPGAt the time of conclusion, and to the Onda 3HX of Ozone in perspective with its selling price (50 to €60), the observation is rather good. Certainly it does equal not helmets to sound more balanced and precise rendering, but also significantly more expensive. Selected materials are not too cheap, finishing provides the essential and at the price of a few minutes in an equalizer, the audio rendering can be improved.

This is not the case once the headset connected to a console (PS3 and X 360 compatibility, are the reminded), but it is rather honest. Idem, held on the head not suffering from any failure, and comfort is despite pads of Atria which could have been more pleasant. Who seeks a versatile headset price is a choice defending.


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