Supercomputers: a growing market

For the first time, the market for supercomputers, in 2011, generated more than 10 billion.

Supercalculateur K Japon

In 2011, the market for supercomputers has exceeded first a cumulative total of $ 10 billion turnover. According to the IDC analysis firm, the progression of this market stood at 8.4% on the year, while the PC market has stagnated. On the podium, two players share first place: IBM and HP. Around 30% respective market shares. In third place, Dell has of 14.5% market share.

The most powerful supercomputers is the most lucrative on facilities to more than $ 500,000. A segment whose sales rose by 24% in value over the year. And while sales of supercomputers below 100,000 dollars are down by 4%. It is only the Government institutes who buy these very large supercomputers, which are increasingly sought by private companies. Total for example ordered more than 2.3 petaflop system, making it one of the 10 most powerful supercomputers in the world.

For the classification of these systems of exception, visit the site is recommended. The largest supercomputer in the world being still the Japanese system K which exceeded the power of 10 petaflop.


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