Gigabyte passes to the chipset Intel Panther Point

A batch of 10 Gigabyte motherboards is unveiled and built around the new chipset Intel 7 series, Panther Point.

Gigabyte also passes to the Panther Point chipsets Intel series. ASUS presented to us in part its motherboards that will be equipped with these new chipsets compatible Ivy Bridge, but they are also compatible with the Sandy Bridge processors. Gigabyte adds that its motherboards have two UEFI, the second is the first failure.

We have compiled all the information of the motherboards of the constructor.


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Boards mounted with a chipset B75 or H77 have just a cooler for it. Z77 maps are in the range of Ultra Durable 4 Classic originally introduced with the GA-H61-S3 and GA-H61M-DS2. The last three of the table, the GA-Z77X-UD3H and GA-Z77X-UD5H and G1.Sniper 3 are in the range of Utra sustainable 4 (non-Classic) which have a reinforced PCB of a layer of thick copper, the famous 2 oz (55 grams). Without copter GA-Z77MX-D3H micro-ATX format, other high-end Gigabyte Z77 all have an mSATA interface to take advantage of Intel TRS (Smart Response Technology) technology that enables to of DSS a kind of cache dynamic with a HDD tray.


Other motherboards of the manufacturer should still arrive, but this large batch already gives an idea of which prepares for the arrival of the new processors from Intel. One of the features that wished to highlight the manufacturer and that remind us strongly of NVIDIA's Optimus is Lucid VirtuMVP. It allows to connect a monitor directly on the motherboard, the chip automatically managing power demand, if treatment must pass by the GPU or the iGPU of the processor. In some cases, it can even combine the two for more power. For the moment, only references and specifications of motherboards are available, prices will arrive later. We will not miss to update our table in this case.


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