Lian-Li announced today its PC - Q05

A new ultra thin alu built by Lian-Li case will be available in April for €90.

Ultra-compact package called PC - source will be a place behind a piece of furniture in sin or under a screen of Office, PC classic. While aluminium, it is ultra thin and can accommodate cards mothers mini-ITX as the card Intel DH-61AG taken as an example on the page of the manufacturer.


A little problematic in the case of a Media Center use, this package does not provide location for an optical drive. But on the other hand, it will accommodate two hard disks 3.5 "with more, vibration-proof rubber pads. The constructor indicates that his PC - Q05 weighs only 0.8 Kg and is only 4 cm thick, thus accepting that fan-less configurations or with a ventilation as the Intel HTS 1155LP system recommended in the sheet then. Available in two colors, black or alu, this package should arrive the month in store next for €90 approximately.


Photo credit: Comptoir - Hardware .com


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