A Nokia under Windows 8 tablet for the end of the year?

The Finnish manufacturer Nokia would prepare a touch tablet of 10 "running Windows 8 and expected for the fourth quarter of 2012.

Nokia has time to meet with success in the market for smartphones and, through its 800 Lumia under Windows Phone 7 released late last year, is finally reached.

Now the Finnish firm tries to touch Tablet and true to Microsoft rest adventure because it would work on a digital slate running the next OS Windows 8.


Interface Metro of the future operating system of the firm of Redmond was designed for any touch use, Nokia have therefore already planned out a tablet of 10 "to the end of the year 2012, stack at the output in the trade of Windows 8 on PC.

This slate would be, according to Digitimes, equipped of a processor dual-core Qualcomm and Assembly by Taiwan's Compal Electronics which would produce 200,000 parts first.

Nokia it will reaffirm the success of its Windows Phone with its Windows 8 tablets, given the severe competition that already is raging between the Android slates and the Apple iPad?


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