Web browsers arrive on Metro

Firefox and Chrome will arrive on the new interface Windows 8 Metro.


As we have seen in our preview, Metro of Windows 8 interface, only the House Internet Explorer browser is available. The installation of an alternative browser to add a shortcut on the Metro Desk, but is finally on the Desktop interface. Which may affect the user experience by switching to one graphical environment to another.

To avoid losing on this new version of Windows market share, must be that alternative browsers offer a consistent interface with this tile system and web navigation mode Metro style. The difficulty lies in the delivery of two different binary, just as at the time of the Mac PowerPC and x 86, because Microsoft will deliver its OS for processors x 86-based (until then no change) and under ARM, modify and compile the code for this literally different architecture. Although the Windows Market Place will simplify the task for users, because the version installed will always be good, the difficulty being here postponed on developers to provide both versions on the Market Place.

The first to have answered this is Firefox. The Mozilla Foundation which produces Firefox indicates work actively on its browser to provide a version with the colour of Metro in two possible declinations. Recently, Google also announced that its browser chromium will adopt its own tile. The web giant adds that the purpose is to propose a unified between the Desktop version and the Metro interface interface, a little to the image of Internet Explorer 10, but by adding better support of the touch that will be more used with this new version of Windows, according to Google.

We can ask what might look like this unified interface. The answer is in the application Chrome beta currently available on Google Play (fire Android Market). Navigation is also quite successful, while having the same graphic codes than its desktop version.


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