Seagate updates its GoFlex Slim line

External hard drives Seagate's GoFlex Slim spend 5200 to 7200 trs/min as well as USB 3.0 for more speed.

In April 2011, Seagate has released its FreeAgent GoFlex Slim line 9 mm format. Initially limited to a speed of 5200 trs/min, the manufacturer corrects shooting by proposing today in the same range ultra thin two disks turning this time to 7200 trs/min. The hard drive case has an interface USB 3.0 for transfers and backups of data faster than on the 2.0 version and weighs only 160 grams in the bottom of the bag, as a smartphone.


The new FreeAgent GoFlex Slim is declined in two capacities, one 320 GB already available in store for $ 99 is €104 all taxes and the other 500 GB that is displayed at the price a little high of $ 170.


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