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4 K, Hadopi, FuelBand, Galaxy, start, denigration, Broadwell... Some of the key words of the week, for a news reviewed and corrected.

Side tests, we have been busy this week by offering in the order of publication of graphics cards AMD Radeon HD 7870 & 7850, enclosure Carbide 300R Corsair, the Ultrabook Folio 13 HP and the mini PC Shuttle SZ68R5... not to mention the tour in a preview card mother Asus Z77. Matos always, news we proposed you a compilation of the Radeon HD 7870 and 7850 once by the manufacturers that will land in stores, presented the new Intel Xeon E5, spoke of the after - after Ivy Bridge with Broadwell processors, announced the arrival of Toshiba drives market 3.5 "hard, and describes the Gigabyte Ultrabooks coupleront processor Ivy Bridge and connector Thunderbolt.

test-radeon7870-7850-01     HP Folio 13 (9).JPG

The new Radeon and the Folio 13 HP, two tests proposed this week...

Equipment always, but more tech that purely computer news referred future Sony 4 K televisions, but also the future smartphones Galaxy of Samsung, between a Galaxy Pocket in mini format, and a Galaxy S III who finally more than do fantasize fans of smartphones Android top-of-range, which could land in April. The smartphone, we talked with Roccat - equipment manufacturer for players PC - with its Power-Grid concept proposes to transform the touch phone in very advanced gaming Companion. A good concept to discover, who will be accompanied by the arrival of a dock and a special keyboard. For the moment, only the iPhone is concerned, but the application also arrives on Android. Android discussed this week to announce the change of name of the Android Market, the shop of applications becoming Google Play, the giant of the Web decided to consolidate many of its services for the content behind this new name.

Finally a news for hackers who want to provide their Consumer Preview of Windows 8 of a real "Start button", and statements of Free Mobile has more intend to smear campaign that have set up its main competitors against him.

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Red card: the Hadopi and MegaUpload

Megaupload 1We have not stood up to distribute a red card this week, and it is the Hadopi making expenses. Not to have engaged the third repressive branch of the graduated response in recent weeks (whatever...), but for his analysis of the benefits to the legal supply of the closure of MegaUpload. Analysis which deals with just a few days and tries to say what it wants in the figures. Thus, according to the Hadopi, suite MegaUpload closed most of Internet users arrested immediately pirating content on the Web, to the drive for legal services of VOD and catch-up TV.

The problem is that the findings of the high authority are based on a study which relativizes well its nuances, the Hadopi not encumbered. The catch up TV would suddenly exploded following the closure of MegaUpload? No, in fact the hearing of these services grew 67% over one year. No analysis is made of the increase in the volume of data passing by P2P networks or spillage of fans of direct download on MegaUpload competing platforms. Result, attempting to have us believe that the closure of MegaUpload swept a setback to handle the bulk of the problem of piracy, but this is hardly the case.

And as we have concluded a paper dedicated to the SVOD, we finish here by reminding that the legal offer is not yet adapted to the expectations of consumers (price too high, limited catalogues, VO too often absent, time available, etc.) and that as long as this is not the case, it will unfortunately not the time of sounding the end of piracy.


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