The AC700, the Chromebook of Acer, pushed

The AC700, the Chromebook of Acer, would be delayed to an unknown date, while he is in pre-order from June 15 and was expected June 24. A hard blow to the Google operating system: the only machine that should be offered to launch is a Samsung model.

Remember that the Chromebook use the operating system of Google, Chrome OS, and that the machine is dedicated to the cloud. Specifically, the local storage capacity is very low (16 GB) and the machine is dependent on an Internet connection. One of the problems of the Acer model is the price: the AC700 is proposed $380 to the States United with very (too) classical for the award features: 11 inch screen 1,366 x 768, Atom N570 (dual core), 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of SSD. Announced autonomy is correct, 6.5 hours, and the integration of the 3 G modem is interesting, but more complete netbooks under Windows 7 exist, with a storage capacity more in line with the needs of users.

Hope for Google as Acer leaves and quickly his machine...


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