NASA: a new app and two smartphones in space

The last flight of a space shuttle will be marked by two first concerning especially under Google Android smartphones...

NASA had launched its first "app" for iPhone a few months ago. This was followed by an iPad application, and together, have since been downloaded more than 5 million times. The US space agency has been just a portage for smartphones running Google Android. Already downloaded over 50,000 times, this new app allows to track in detail news from NASA, its various centres and various missions. You can also view the fantastic library of images of the Organization, follow different Twitter accounts, or even the international space station! You can also have access to the information concerning the launch of rockets of NASA, and follow online from different video streams.

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Also note that two smartphones are gone a few days ago in the space shuttle Atlantis: a Samsung Nexus S, and an Apple iPhone! The first is part of experience carried out in conjunction with the famous MIT (the Massachusetts Technology Institute). It is installed on a SPHERES (Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Vieworientationreorient, Experimental Satellites): a small device about the size of a bowling ball to help astronauts in their daily activities. These "satellites" are present in the station since 2006, and they will benefit significantly different modern smartphone capabilities, with its sensors and probes in any kind. Will the iPhone be at the heart of an experience designed around the application "SpaceLab for iOS". The conclusion of the STS-135 mission will also mark the end of this program for NASA. Visitors coming to the ISS will leave Russia, in a capsule on a Soyuz rocket.



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