"The Tablet is a PC" for Microsoft

The head of Windows Phone confirms that with respect to the shelves, Microsoft relies on Windows 8.

At its Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft necessarily discussed shelves. And for cause, Windows 8 will be compatible with ARM processors, with an interface optimized for touchscreen use. The opportunity was too good to not make a new presentation of Windows 8. Unable to recognize the used tablet, probably a prototype. On the other hand, found the presentation very inspired Windows Phone 7 that will come in addition to a more conventional interface, but Microsoft has reaffirmed that it had no intention to bring its mobile OS on tablets, field kept for Windows 8.

Windows 8 WPC (2) Windows 8 WPC (1)

Andy Lees, head of the division Windows Phone at Microsoft, also said: "For us, the Tablet is a PC (...)" "All simply because people want to do what they do on a computer on a shelf". Remains to see how Microsoft will succeed in unifying its different universe around a common ecosystem. PC, tablets, smartphones and Xbox game console will benefit, in the future, advanced and intelligent interconnect? A Microsoft play. It would in any case the best way to keep captive users to related markets for the firm...


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