HD television: confident and well equipped French

The French love their small screen and do not hesitate to equip themselves to take advantage of the deployment of HD, already well installed in the programs. The last study "Reference of the equipment media" of the last quarter of 2011, by Gfk and Mediamétrie, shows sales of HDTVs in progress. Today in France, three-quarters of homes, or 20 million households, are equipped with a HD TV.

Equipment knows a steady growth since 2008. In three years, HD television purchases have increased by 140%. The French are convinced and now seem to appreciate to view programs in better definition. Television stations also participated in this increase because many of them, if not all, broadcasting now their content in HD.

TV HD France

These numbers are, for once, in osmosis with the promises of the Government which, in 2007, wished that a large majority of the French have access to high definition. It is now made. But this trend especially the perspectives set out some time ago by Michel de Rosen, CEO of Eutelsat, which emphasized high definition rather than the 3D preference.

Finally, more anecdoctique, the study points out that these are the people with a child of less than 15 years which are equipped with (27%). Seniors are not remains however as 23.6% have a HD television.


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