Intel Medfield: Z2460 2 GHz, Z2580-Z2000 for smartphone

The Intel fondeur, who wants to take advantage of the growth in sales of smartphones and place its processors, is officially present on the market since these 2012 show and the announcement of the Intel Medfield Z2460processor.

The company had announced its first partnerships with Motorola and Lenovo, and they are now joined by ZTE, Orange and Lava International. It also benefits the MWC 2012 show to announce an extension of the range Medfield with new SoC (System on a Chip).

Capitalizing on its first Medfield processor, Intel indicates that the processor Z2460 may now be running at up to 2 GHz to extend its possibilities of integration in different configurations of smartphones.

Intel Atom Z2460 MedfieldThe skier also announces the processor Medfield Z2580, presented as two times more powerful than the Z2460 and able to manage a modem multi-mode 2 G / 3 G / LTE. The Z2580 is aimed therefore configurations high-end but it does will be supplied only as sample in the second half of 2012 while the first products to be equipped with will appear in the first half of 2013.

Medfield also in entry
The migration of volumes of sales to smartphones to entry-level also required taking account of this development and the provision of a solution. It is made with the Intel Medfield Z2000SoC.

Prototype Intel Medfield and Android at MWC 2012

Running at 1 GHz, he put on his versatility to seduce and may be accompanied by the modem Intel XMM 6265 HSPA + and dual SIM 2 G / 3 G (important in emerging markets). But here, too, it will be early 2013 to discover the first smartphone shipping processor Medfield Z2000.

Orange Intel Medfield 02
Smartphone Orange under Intel Medfield

And if these processors are engraved in 32 nm, Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel, indicates that the first SoC engraved 22 nm will be subject to certification by next year, pending a pass in the short term to 14 nm, optimizing every step the balance between performance and efficiency.

Having bought the branch of modems Infineon wireless in 2010, Intel logically communicates on its advances, with a platform XMM 7160 2 G / 3 G / LTE available as sample in the second quarter of 2012 and marketed by the end of the year, and the solution XMM 6260 HSPA + 42 Mbps (descendant) / 11.5 Mbps (amount).


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