eBooks: or how to reconcile children with reading

The current debate concerning the arrival of these lights is essentially about the battle between the paper and the screen, fans of traditional books against the users in phase with their time. Between the refractory and enthusiasts, we forget sometimes to realize the impact of this breakthrough in terms of accessibility of reading.

Academe more détracteurs, the light might be that which will reconcile a day most youth with reading. In the United States including, and a study of the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, applications dedicated to the young develop faster than those of adults. Compared to 2010, are those that have experienced the most significant progress, then that those of the "great" have tended to decline.


The market for young people is significantly higher. What with kindergarten and primary children that the best sales applications. Of course, for the very young, it is not of great novels, but to appeal to educational applications. Demand is strong, the tool appears to be adapted in terms of education but also to the young public. What are finally not digital books that take the most beautiful part of the market, but well educational books.

The introduction of this digital tool from the earliest age may make it indispensable in the children grow with him and to dispose, at each age, adapted content. And thus to maintain a continuous link with the world of letters...


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