Logitech M187: mouse nomadic and colourful

Because of its very small template - a little longer than a battery - and its wireless operation - battery AAA and receiving nano in USB-, this mouse will address particularly the nomads.

It will offer them the Union minimum, namely an optical sensor, two buttons right click / left and a wheel to clickable scrolling.

This mouse appropriate also as well to right-handed users to left-handed users, through his Ambidextrousdesign.

It will leave by also the choice between several finishes, with white and black for the followers of the classic, but the red and orange (not promoted, but present within the product photo gallery) for those who love the flashy.

Side tariff, to complete, it evokes 19,99 euros , with a three-year builder warranty.

Logitech M187 Logitech M187 noir Logitech M187 blanc Logitech M187 rouge Logitech M187 orange
Four planned finishes (click to enlarge)

Logitech M187 taille 1 Logitech M187 taille 2
An idea of the dimensions of this mouse


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