Free Mobile: manage its voice mail in a few clicks

Subscriber space of the Free Mobile online portal evolved again, this time with following the emergence of a new section to manage his voice mail.

A first part provides first of customizability for the broadcast is (maximum duration of 45 seconds; maximum load 2 MB file), the information provided on the appeal (the appellant number, date and time) and access (between 4 and 10 digits) code.

A second part gives it the possibility to indicate an e-mail addressto be notified of the arrival of a new message or, better yet, receive an attachment file its correspondent.

For those who have missed our published news yesterday, recall finally that it is now possible to customize the password of access to the Subscriber area.

Free Mobile messagerie vocale 1 Free Mobile messagerie vocale 2
The new voice mail section (Dr.; Click to enlarge)


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