iPad 3: press on March 7 at San Francisco Conference

The date of March 7 had been proposed mid-February and is finally well the period selected by Apple launch press conference to unveil its next iPad tablet. The Group of Cupertino just send invitations press for an event on March 7 at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, high place of advertising, the group.

The teaser confirms that the event will be the Tablet iPadwith a hook promising that Apple has something really interesting to see... and touching. Maybe it is for clues about the screen Retina that is supposed to allow the iPad 3.

The choice of Center cardboard of invitation on the agenda and the absence of button on the slice of the aircraft cause many speculations on the indicators proposed by Apple. It should also be noted that the invitation is sent in the middle of the MWC 2012 fair of Barcelona, to which Apple does not participate and in which manufacturers are battling for attention of journalists inevitably diluted by the number of ads.

iPad 3 Apple invitation

It should finally know if the iPad 3 will carry an Apple A6 quadcore or an Apple A5 processor dual core optimized from the processor Apple A5 on the iPad (on the graphics part). Chance or coincidence, a representative of Texas Instruments we were assured Tuesday as the iPad 3 would be necessarily dual core, for reasons of efficiency (which we later discussed in the OMAP5 family). The paris are open...


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