MWC 2012 : LG Optimus Vu et LG Optimus 4X HD

Has been said and repeated, LG Electronics had trouble turning the corner of smartphones, and particularly that of Android. Party after the other (and especially its great competitor Samsung), its mobile products have had difficulty obtaining the desired visibility, allowing several players before.

In 2011, LG attempted a new start by leveraging its know-how and its capacity for innovation, aligning the first world. It him has not necessarily brought luck but the manoeuvre still had the advantage of bringing light on its products.

For the MWC 2012 show, LG Electronics still counts on its capacity for innovation to create the surprise... but it has somewhat been voluntarily éventée by pre - MWC announcements. Because of last-minute announcement, are therefore on the show annnoncés smartphones these days.

The an and most striking is undoubtedly the LG Optimus light, a smartphone with a screen 5 "who has chosen the option of format 4: 3 there where Samsung has favoured the option 16: 9 for its Galaxy Note, which is also part of the family of smartphones with screen 5" and more.

LG Vu 01 LG Vu 02

And if this choice maintains for the Samsung device an aspect of smartphone (and a similar takeover), the LG Vu is resolutely wider, making it less obvious to the border between smartphone and tablet.

The device however, is still in the hand (but the Palm of the hand) more so, without being unpleasant to hold, because of its light weight. It will always regret the aesthetic choice of LG (extended to all its lines) which, that timeless, proposes a very rectangular style and dark missing a bit of fantasy.

LG Vu 03 LG vu 04

A few rounded corners would perhaps not have been luxury on such a device. For the rest, there are the announced features previously. The model taken in hand had a 4 G LTE compatibility but the LG Vu has its variant HSPA +.

A pen is also present, as with the Note of Samsung Galaxy, even if the use of Android Gingerbread Announces use primarily type smartphone, before moving to Android Ice Cream Sandwich later in the year.

On the LG booth, could also discover the first smartphone of the brand to operate a processor Tegra 3 quad-core, in the same way that the manufacturer was last year the LG Optimus 2 X, first dual core smartphone, LG Optimus 4 X HD.

LG 4X HD 01 LG 4X HD 02

There very rectangular style adopted by LG, enhanced even more by the diagonal of the display, "4.7 (not so far from" 5 of the LG light) but with a 16: 9 format. The takeover is here more consistent with that of a smartphone, with a grooved hanging back holding in hand.

Difficult however to be an idea of performance gain provided by the processor quad-core from these exposure models tortured by visitors. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich however seems to revolve very fluidly.

LG 4X HD 03


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